Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Service -2021


Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Can Benefit You in Multiple ways HOW? The first modern air conditioner was invented in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. The Gas which is used in AC is Nonflammable Gas. The Gas on 1.5 ton Ac is 700 to 900mg. Air Conditioner is the machine used to cool down Temperature in an inside space and moving it to some outside the area. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

Air Conditioner and Refrigerator work the same way. Alternatively, the cooling just the small, envelop space inside the refrigerator and air conditioner cool the whole house, room, Office, etc. The Air Conditioner has three Main parts. They have a Compressor, Condenser, and evaporator. The Outside air portion of the air conditioner was filled with a compressor and condenser. The evaporator is detected inside the house.

1: It’s A Life Saver

It reduces the risk of Heat Stroke hundreds of people have died from heatstroke. Air Conditioning is the best defensive factor against heat-correlated illness and death. Low Temperature means less perspire. But many people don’t realize that when we sweat, we are losing a big amount of body water. 

2:Healthier Sleep

  We all are good sleep, and a healthier sleep in Colder conditions and Air Conditioning is better. We have many options to sleep better, but one of the best is bedroom cool. A major part of your health depends on receiving a good night’s sleep. So it would help if you also kept your home pleasant cool at night.

3:Less Noice

 When the Air Conditioner was on in the room, obviously all the doors and windows are closed off. This Mean Less Noice enters the room, and the room is keeping cool and quiet. 

4:Improve Work Performance


Hot Temperatures notice heavy and make employees both physically and mentally slow down. So at the result is they have a hard time concentrating on their projects or tasks and struggling to solve basic problems, solutions, and making mistakes. An office Air Conditioning can increase the speed and ability of your employees to move and work properly. 

One of the biggest lawbreakers of lost employee’s work rate is wasting time. When an office is hot, employees spend much time drinking water, adjusting fan-like fans in the high mood to keep themselves cool, and getting less time to work done. If you are installing Air conditioning units in your Office, it can increase the speed of your employees to work.

5:Low Electric Bill


If you have an Air Conditioner means that you will pay a more electric bill. Even so, air conditioner repair and maintenance is important for your machine to work properly, you may finish up paying more. This is as a result of bringing down the efficiency. If you use your Air conditioner to lower your electric bill follow this instruction, you should set a timer.

6:Extend its Life

 On one side from scheduled maintenance, you may also want to consider your unit’s air filter every month. Installing filters after cleaning them will also result in germ-free cooling. Proper air conditioner maintenance service can extend its life.

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